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Dancers Edge By Rogers Rules & Regulations

Tuition is pro-rated over a 10 month period: September – June, in which each month requires the full month payment regardless if it is a 3, 4, or 5 week month. Holidays and a few snow days are built into the 10 month period as well as the already discounted tuition rate. Tuition is due no later than the 5th of each month to receive the discounted rate. Tuition after the 5th of each month will not receive tuition discount. Tuition received after the 10th of the month will result in a $20.00 late fee. The first month's tuition is due upon registration. 

$20.00 single child, $35.00 per family
A registration fee is required. Registration fees hold a space on the roster and guarantees a place in class for dance. Registration fees are non-refundable. If class would be canceled for any reason and another suitable class is not available, registration fee will be refunded.

>Registration fee as well as the first month’s tuition is due upon registering student.

Preferred Method of Payment:

AUTO PAY: Credit Card for automatic payment – Forms must be completed and returned to the office. Visa, MasterCard or Discover cards are accepted.

CASH: Cash payments must be made in person with a receipt given. 

CHECK: Can be mailed or handed in and are payable to either Dancers Edge or Rogers.

>Returned Check Fee: a fee of $25.00 per check will be posted to account to cover bank charges.

All Holiday vacations will be posted on the home page of the Web site as well as posted at the studio.

Alerts and emails will be sent for delayed or cancelled classes.  Missed classes can be made up on another day / time of similar age / ability. Should weather take a turn for the worse during class, please do not drop your child off and leave. Cancellations can occur at any time should road conditions deteriorate. We will make the judgment call with everyone's safety in mind. A few of our instructors do not live in the immediate area and travel greater distances. 

Newsletters will be emailed.   

Please make the office aware of any changes to address, phone, and email address.

No refunds for missed classes. Dancer may attend a make-up class on another day/time of similar age/ability.

A change of class form must be completed and turned into the office. Class roster will be changed and dancer deleted from dropped class and added to new class.

A withdraw from must be completed and turned into the office. Dancer will not be removed from roster unless form is turned in and billing for registered class will continue.

Dancer must be picked up promptly after class, especially those dancers who are in the last class of the day. Teachers are busy teaching and not responsible to watch your child. Please have your dancer wait inside, not outside for your arrival.  

Class size varies depending on age & ability of the dancers. An 8-Student minimum is required in order to hold class. Normally this is NOT a problem, however if for any reason class size should drop below the requirements, and alternate class will be offered. Classes may be over booked at the beginning of the season and will stabilize. Students sometimes transfer to another class and sometimes drop the class due to other activities.

Attending class with minimal absences during the course of the year is vital for the individual dancer’s progress as well as that of the entire class. We realize that children are involved in many activities, and we will be happy to recommend another class that is more convenient. When dancer has excessive absences it affects the entire class.  

All classes are open for observation.  

The dance studio, although a fun place for dancers, can be very dangerous for siblings who are not attended to. They are not to roam the studio alone at any time. No one is permitted in any of the dance rooms unless child is a registered student and participating in class with a teacher. We do not want to see your child injured as a result of the disregarding of rules, nor the equipment (expensive stereo equipment, breakable mirrors, gym equipment, and special dance floors.

Absolutely no street shoes permitted.  

Young children need to be supervised so that they do not get locked into restroom, toilets jammed with toilet paper or paper towels, and that hand soap is not squirted on the floor and walls. 

Please keep the dance studio clean. Maintenance and upkeep is constant. Please dispose of any trash in trashcans provided. There is no food or drink permitted inside the studio as spills get carried into the dance rooms, which can result in either sticky or slippery floors that may cause a dancer to fall. 

We always try our best to ensure that all dancers and parents are satisfied with the dance instruction, rules, and policies of the school. If at any time, should you become dissatisfied with any aspect concerning the dance classes, or studio rules and policies, please bear in mind that rules and policies are set for a reason. No question is not worth asking, and any concern is welcome to be expressed. We are a family-oriented studio with our focus being teaching the art of dance in a fun and positive atmosphere. 

Our dance program runs from September thru June culminating in a year-end show, showcasing the students' talent and progress. Show dates are the 1st or 2nd weekend in June, depending on availability. The show is held at Seton Hill University’s Theater in downtown Greensburg. 

Ages 2-3: Pink stirrup or convertible tights. Any color / style leotard. Pink Ballet Slippers.

Ages 4-5: Pink stirrup or convertible tights. Any color / style leotard. Pink Ballet Slippers. Tan Tap Shoes. Thin socks to wear with tap shoes 

Dancers in Combo Classes: Any color / style leotard. Pink or tan convertible tights. May opt to wear dance sports bra and dance shorts.  

Ballet: Pink stirrup or convertible tights. Black Leotard. Hair in a bun or clipped up off face and neck. No dangling earrings.

Tap: Black Tap Shoes.

Telephone: (724) 325-4060